If you only walk on sunny days, you will never reach you destination.


Long time no seen. Lots of things has happen and lots of things are going to happen. I kind of forgot about this blog... how come? No inspiration and no time. I'll promise to keep this up now, because now life has a new beginning and a new start, and I promise... that's worth writing about. Just to keep the memories, you know. I'm even wondering if I should create a totally new blog, but that's something that will come later. I'll still keep this old one, of course, but a new beginning needs a new blog. Well anyhow, that is a later project.

July is reaching an end, almost... it's sick how time flies. Just a few more weeks and school will resume again, and what about my summer break?! Mhm, what about it... I've heard students have no summer break and I guess that is right. How I wish I could just book a flight to some nice and warm place, Spain, Greece or Turkey, and just chill for a week or two. Possible? Eh, hell no. I just have to imagine myself being there while chillin' in Finland :D Sounds lame, I know.

- International love!



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