Nu har det gnällts om att jag inte har hittat till min blogg igen på ett tag... Sorry people, men så är det. Jag pluggar, jobbar och pluggar, det är typ det jag gör på veckorna. Tiden går så grymt fort så man hinner inte ens blinka.

Tomorrow we are gonna have our social policy exam, and I hate to admit this but... I'M SCARED! This time, I know I'm gonna suck some very big and hairy balls. I know I've said it before but now I really mean it. My mind is somewhere else, and I hate it because it should be here studying this crap with me... Anyway. I've been thinking back and forth if there's even a point for me to go to school tomorrow and try to write the exam, or if it's better that I just stay at home and be bitter; but I decided to go. The teacher told us today that if we aren't satified with the grade, we can always to the exam again. That sounds good in my ears...

Now: Back to business.


Whine whine

I hate being sick. I really hate it. First of all, I'm complaining about EVERYTHING! I'm like a 4 year old, cranky kid. I'm whining. Nothing's good enough. Food doesn't taste anything. And it doesn't stop there... no, I'm not only sick, but it's my freaking birthday tomorrow. I wish I could just sleep the whole day and wake up on thursday and decide that I'm gonna stay at 22, yeah, I like being 22. Even though my year as a 22 year old has sucked some really big balls, it's been a complicated and hard year... but still. I don't feel like getting any older :D

Now I'm gonna watch some Sex and the City and then it's sleepytime for me... HAHA, yeah right ;)



Det är så typiskt mig. Att öppna käften, inte få ett svar och fundera tills det känns som att huvudet håller på att explodera. Jag blir så trött på mig själv, men så är det ibland kanske.

Vid vissa tillfällen skulle det vara lättare att inte vara en "tänkare". Fan, jag borde verkligen sova. I morgon ska jag på IKEA med syrran och Kristoffer, köpa lite crap som behövs för förvaring. Borde kanske handla lite mat också men vem orkar. Skyller på att det inte ryms i kylskåpet ;) Det är en bra diet att flytta till en liten lägenhet, tydligen.

Varför vill man bara ge upp ibland? Jag vet inte vad jag vill ge upp... Jag vill bara ge upp. Fattar ni? Tror jag har fått alldeles för lite sömn dom senaste dagarna. Det senaste året har varit ganska extremt. Jag hoppas att 2011 ska bli mitt år. MITT. Fuck, det smärtar i varje muskel i kroppen. Varför? Weird.

God jävla natt.


I wanna life forever

Angels. Happiness. Having something to look forward to. Friends. Him. Having butterflies in the stomach. Music. Shopping. Feel smart. Being a braveheart. Overcome fears. Individual development. Staying up late and chatting. Laughing hysterically. Dancing my heart out. Listening to the rain. Eating ice-cream. Feeling wanted. Compliments. Hugs. Kisses. Knowing someone misses you. Lovely dreams. Giving presents. Talking for hours about absolutely nothing. Being FULL of energy. Seeing the one you love. Good hair days. Watching someone do something stupid and let them think no one saw it. Hear your favourite song on radio. Sleeping in. Watching the sun come up. Seeing a shooting star. Waking up to find the person you love in your arms. Weekends. Holidays. Singing into your hairbrush in your toilet. Bubble baths. Sauna. Turning up your stereo as loud as it will go. Being so happy it makes you cry. Spring. Summer. Finally completing something you started a long time ago. Warm nights. Falling in love.

Don't you just wanna life forever?


That's life.

"Everyone I know is getting married or pregnant... I'm just getting awesome."



Long time no see... I've been soo busy. Work, work, work, christmas, work, hanging around, work, moving, work, celebrating new year, work... And today was my last day at work for now, and that's a good thing since I don't feel like going back. Not for a while at least. Maybe it's good to be scared sometimes.

Imorn ska jag träffa tjejorna för en massa lunchmys! :D Ska bli jätteskojigt, och skönt att få äta då jag inte ätit nåt på hela dagen (förutom frukost), så jag har laddat litegrann för Lei ;)

Nu har det gnällts från höger och vänster om att jag inte har bloggat på länge... Here you go! :D


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