I changed it!


People have actually been complaining about my blog, and that is because I write everything in swedish and google-translate is not translating everything correctly ;) My bad, sorry guys.

Everything is good, I'm now on my way to get rid of my mothafucking cold! The mornings are still a bit difficult but otherwise I have no probs with walking and breathing the same time ;) so tomorrow me & my honeybun are going to the gym to burn some fat (not that Laotan has any fat but I do ;)) theeeen after that, we are going to take the bus to Happyranda to visit mama and sister and IKEA and and and WHAT ELSE?!

And speaking of cold, where the hell is our snow?! I'm now getting really fed up with this rain and rain and rain, all the time, everyday. I know I will regret this with time (exactly like I did last winter...) but now I really wish for snow and cold. Not cold like -30 but -10 would be perfect... and snow. We can not celebrate christmas without snow! :(

Otherwise I'm just drowning in assignment as usually the weeks before christmas. Let's just hope I will make it and actually come out of it alive, even though it feels impossible right now... I just have to get started, so where is my self disciplin now again?! Crap. The funny part is, I know how this will end. This will end with stress and stomach pains, sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears... welcome to a students life ;)

Now I'm just gonna cuddle with my handsome man and eat some fruit.



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